Ray Meeker


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India, Pondicherry I Earth architecture


There has always been earth construction, but what is the most resistant to time, is the potter’s kiln. The Iranian architect Nader Khalili has experimented with the fired building, by conceiving a process of mud brick structures, stabilized by firing in situ. Taking over the heritage of Nader Khalili, Ray Meeker began his research on an earth architecture that would be at the same time, ecological, sustainable and locally made. He wants to offer affordable and environmentally friendly homes to everybody.

Why not build a house around a potter’s kiln that would fire all structural bricks, as for a pottery? More than a building stabilization, this process involves symbolic values as purification by fire, closely related to Indian culture. Utopia, ecological solution, a proper way to connect the individual and the collective, residential and society? Backed by 30 years of experience, Ray Meeker shares his work dedicated to “fired houses” and how he has evolved the technique.




Jiang Guoxing, Wayne Higby, Ole Lislerud, Ray Meeker, their contribution in architectural production.

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