Ukrainian Sale

Special Ukrainian Ceramics Sale


In an effort to support our Ukrainian members struggling as a result of the ongoing conflict there, the IAC has organised a special sale of the work of eight world-class ceramicists from Ukraine.

The work will be on display at the IAC Congress in Geneva in September. However, it is available for purchase immediately as a private sale directly from the artists involved. Anyone interested in buying the work below is encouraged to contact the artist directly to arrange payment*. The work will then be available for collection in Geneva in September, or will be shipped to its new home (at the buyer’s expense) after the close of the congress.

Questions can either be addressed to the artists themselves, or to Benjamin Evans of the IAC at:


Please click on the images for greater detail.

Yuriy Musatov
“My Mountain.” 2017
Stoneware. Colored slips. 1200 C. 40 x 20 x 20 cm.
€2000 – SOLD

Contact: | Instagram | Facebook

Hanna Drul
“The Birth of Venus,” 2022, Fireclay, enamel, hand sculpting, 1100C, 30 X 34 X 23cm.
€1200 – SOLD

Contact: | Instagram

Ihor Bereza
“A Knight,” 2020, Chamotte clay, hand modelling 1150C, 41 X 27 X 9 cm.

Contact: | Facebook

Andrii Kyrychenko
“Grains,” 2015, Chamotte clay, slip, modelling, glaze, copper, reduction firing 1170C, 50 X 48 X 20 cm.

Contact: | Instagram | Facebook

Lesia Padun
“Morning,” 2021, Stoneware, hand-formed; engobe, glazes, oxides, pigments, electric firing 1150C, 52 X 22 X 15.5 cm.
€1500 – SOLD

Contact: | Instagram | Facebook

Nataliya Zuban
“Industrial Archeology,” 2019, Stoneware, hand modelling, reduction firing 1250, 28 X 32 X 20 cm.
€1200 – SOLD

Contact: | Instagram | Facebook

Ielizaveta Portnova
“Orwell,” 2018, Chamotte clay, slip, modelling, glaze, silver, reduction firing 1170C, 46 X 39 X 16 cm.

Contact: | Instagram | Facebook

Volodymyr Khyzhynsky
“The Two,” 2014, Chamotte clay, engobe, glaze. Press moulded, hand modelling, 46 X 33 X 23 cm

Contact: | Facebook

*Legal Disclaimer: Please note that the IAC is simply acting as an advertiser and promoter of a private sale between independent agents. It assumes no responsibility for loss or breakage during shipping, and is not involved in any related financial transactions. We can, however, assist with any communication problems that may result due to language barriers.

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