Lectures: Spirituality 

A clay idol of Lord Ganesha during the Hindu festival Ganesh Chaturthi


Spirituality is meant to focus on the intangible but powerful forces of tradition that constitute the inner nature of the culture rather than external forces. What is the artist’s spirit, concept and content embedded in the work? What is the state of mind that is the personification of spiritual and philosophical ideas?



David Jones

"Critiquing “Orientalia” – A philosophical and aesthetic analysis of the concepts of spirituality and diversity manifested in ceramic objects"

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Sakuliu Pavavalung

"Where the Sun lays its Egg"

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Albert Yonathan Setyawan

"Spirituality, Ritual and Materiality: Hendrawan Riyanto’s Contemporary Ceramics Practice in Indonesia"

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Madhvi Subrahmanian

"Between Myth and Ritual: Clay and its Many Forms in India"

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Agnes Husz

"Beneath the Cherry Tree - Reflecting on Influences from Japan"

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editorial N°1

This webpage is focused on the general theme of « New Orientalia – Functionality, Spirituality, Diversity ».

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