Jiang Guoxing

China Ceramic Design Master Artist, Jiang Guoxing developed an inventive technique to implement ceramic walls in public spaces.
He is also owner of Tianshen House, Grassroots Clay Man, National Labor Medal, Winner of National May 1st Labor Medal, Shanghai Labor Medal, State Council Expert for Special Allowance, Shanghai Arts and Crafts Master, State First-class Artist, Researcher-level Senior Arts and Crafts Master.

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Ole Lislerud

Prominent international artist, Professor at the Oslo National Academy of The Arts, KHIO Norway, Professor emeritus KHIO, Ole Lislerud is a Norwegian ceramist, who uses clay as a painter’s surface. He intervenes on architectural surroundings, combining images from modern society with graffiti, biblical text and other social icons.

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Ray Meeker

Born in 1944 in New York City, U.S.A., graduate in Ceramics from the University of Southern California, Ray Meeker is the famous “architect potter”, who transformed the traditional use of clay and pottery, in India. Along with his wife Deobrah Smith, he has founded the Golden Bridge Pottery, in Pondicherry in 1971. For the next 40 years the place became both an inspiration and point of instruction for generations of ceramic workers and artists and the model for small scale, handmade production units in India.

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Wayne Higby

Wayne Higby is an innovative artist coming out of the American ceramic studio movement, internationally recognized. The American landscape nourishes his ceramic work ranging from vessel forms, sculptures to architectural installations.

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