Lumu, China

  • The editorial team of the No. 0:
    Carine Bel, editorial responsible in collaboration with the IAC Council, the IAC office and the generous participations of exemplary contributors.

The International Academy of Ceramics (IAC) is a major player in the international ceramic world. The “A” in IAC represents a unique space for debate, exchange and reflection where opinion leaders develop their potential for expression in the field. The IAC has set up an editorial platform that includes in its network the most influential actors in the publishing and art scene.

By publishing its online editorial, the Academy hopes to offer a series of different perspectives on this constantly contemporary art form, reflecting both its views and those of its members, be they authors, critics, institutional actors, collectors or, of course, “makers”. The editorial is a space for exchange and knowledge based on themes the IAC intends to address. This dynamic platform has been designed to present and enrich discussions among various contributors on topics central to the ceramic world, and was inaugurated in September 2016.