The Documentary Exhibition of International Ceramics: Art Exchanges

The 5th International NGO-UNESCO Forum will be held on July 27- 28, in Beijing, China, on the main topic: “Rapprochement of Cultures”. We are pleased to inform you that the IAC will take part in this Forum developed by the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee. 

The International Academy of Ceramics in collaboration with Guozhong Ceramic Art Center is organizing “The Documentary Exhibition of International Ceramics : Art Exchanges” and develops the concept of UNESCO “One Humanity Beyond Diversity”.

Opening: 2 pm, 29 July, 2015
Dates: 29 July –11 August, 2015
Address: 100 Dongsishitiao, Dongcheng Distract, Beijing, China


Project coordinators : Guangzhen Zhou, Stéphanie Le Follic-Hadida, Jacques Kaufmann
Support form: China Ceramic Industry Association
Thanks to: Huang Chunmao and Xiao Wei


We would like to thank our members for their contributions to this event and we are pleased to announce the names of the participants:

IAC Artists:
Lu Bin
Huang Chunmao
Zhou Dingfang
David Furman
Xu Hongbo
Ichi Hsu
Agnes Husz 
Wayne Hygby
Yanze Jiang
Itsue Ito
Jacques Kaufmann
Torbjørn Kvasbø
Jackson Li
Martin Mc William 
Bai Ming
Michael Moore 
Monika Jeannette Schoedel-Mueller
Werner Bernhard Nowka
Graciela Oli0
Margaret O’Rorke
Martha Pachon Rodriguez
Gustavo Perez
 Lv Pinchang
Claude Presset
Judith Schwartz
Mitsuo Shoji
Anthony Edwin Stellaccio
Xavier Toubes


Vilma Vilaverde
Carlos Vives Mateu
Shi Xiaoming
Jiang Yanze
Zuo Zhengyao
Jin Zhenhua
Guangzhen Zhou 
UiTM Faculty of Art Design

Artists invited:
Marty Gross project in collaboration with Judith Schwartz and Susan Jefferies
Hsieh Chia-Heng
Wu Haoyu
Zhu Legeng
Wu Ming
An Ran
Xu Runhui
Chen Shuo


Partner of UNESCO

Since 1958, AIC has been affiliated with UNESCO, first on a consulting basis and then, since 2001, as an official partner in the cultural sector.

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