David Binns

My home and studio are in a small rural village in North Wales. I am Professor of Contemporary Ceramics at the University of Central Lancashire, in Preston, UK.

For many years I have made sculptural work that has exploited the inherent properties of clay bodies, adapted through aggregate additions and polished post-firing.
More recently however, I have felt a need to re-connected with the fundamentals of ceramics; enjoying a more direct and intimate contact with the clay, and for the first time in my ceramic career, exploring both the vessel and glaze.

My work draws inspiration from a number of contrasting influences including contemporary architecture and the natural landscape. Shaped by a deep respect of the fundamental principles of Japanese aesthetics, I strive to make work that has visual richness whilst conveying a sense of quietness, solitude and simplicity. I also hope my work has an ambiguity, possibly suggestive of ritual or ceremony, yet ultimately leaving open questions of purpose or meaning.
In essence, I am attempting to make objects that hint at qualities one might experience in the natural world, have an uplifting impact on ones emotions and are hopefully inherently beautiful.

I have participated in numerous UK and international exhibitions, workshops and symposium and my work is featured in many international collections and publications.

Professor of Contemporary Ceramics at the University of Central Lancashire.
Fellow of the UK Craft Potters Association
Member of the UNESCO International Academy of Ceramics.


David Binns


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