Fondation Bruckner

The Bruckner Foundation for the Promotion of Ceramics offers an artists’ residency in Carouge, located between city and country in the outskirts of Geneva conveniently near to public transport and shopping districts.

Founded on the legacy left by Mrs Charlotte Bruckner to enhance Carouge’s cultural life, the Foundation works hard to forward Carouge’s ceramics tradition. The district’s earthenware factories have given way to the new artistic realities of the twenty-first century and, today, the Bruckner Foundation highlights and promotes ceramics as a multifaceted art.


The Bruckner Foundation promotes ceramics through its studios, its support for young ceramicists and its organisation of the Parcours Céramique Carougeois — a biennial for contemporary ceramics which takes place in parallel with the International Ceramics Competition hosted by the Museum of Carouge.

Open to all artists in ceramics, whether local or international, young or more experienced,  visual artists, ceramicists, architects or designers  seeking to experiment with ceramics, the Foundation aims to foster creative and interdisciplinary exchanges as well as the exploration of new ideas.


Fondation Bruckner

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