Michael Rice

When looking at a shell on the beach, a stone made beautiful by the endless caress of the tide, objects, forms, things created over time by the earth, I am awed by the skill of nature. I have longed to be able to make things that look as natural as if nature had made them, to create objects that resonate with a timeless quality, with a feeling of a genesis beyond the constructed and manufactured.
In my work I’m attempting to create sculptures, surfaces and textures that are difficult to date to a specific culture or place: my aim is that the aesthetic of the completed object is visually striking but also has a familiarity because of the form and the post-firing techniques that make the most out of the least materials.
The finishes are straightforward yet complex and this creates a dialectic that I feel transcends simple visual meaning, moving into iconic or ceremonial territory. This complemented with the shape of the pieces creates a synthesis that gives them an archetypal presence.
The praxis of my discipline has always been to create awareness within myself. To establish an understanding of what I am doing by first taking action and then reflecting and re-reflecting upon the action.


Michael Rice


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United Arab Emirates


Michael Rice, CV March 15

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