Rimas VisGirda

I attempt to make my work attractive, narrative and visually engaging. My intent is to provide a visual stimulus that is ambiguous, in that the viewer can interpret the scenario according to his/her experiences thereby allowing her/his personal understanding of the work and of his/her self.

I try to show that my work is a combination of man and material where both the person making the object and the material have equal significance. I exaggerate dents and imperfections when appropriate to the construction process, as in throwing or handbuilding. Lately I have been adding granite and decomposed granite to bleed out and further activate the surface of my pieces; not unlike the natural imperfections and textures in hand made papers.

My work is influenced by my family, the culture I live in, the machine age, the urban environment, the media, and fad and fashion.


Rimas VisGirda


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United States