Members of Distinction

Torbjørn Kvasbø, IAC President, and Pieter Stockmans, new Member of Honour, at the opening evening of the 2022 IAC Congress in Geneva.


Members Emeritus

Members of Honour

According to the IAC Articles, a Member Emeritus is “an individual member with a mark of distinguished service and exceptional contribution to the Academy.” According to the IAC Articles, a Member of Honour is “a personality in an artistic, literary or political field who has made a significant contribution to the aims of the Academy.”

In order of election year:

Enrique MESTRE-ESTELLES (Spain, 2022)

Suku PARK (Finland, 2021)

Roland BLÄTTLER (Switzerland, 2019)
Ann MORTIMER (Canada, 2019)
Emili SEMPERE (Spain, 2019)

I-Chi HSU (China, 2017)
Les MANNING (Australia, 2017) (d. 2020)

Bernard DEJONGHE (France, 2014)

Carmen DIONYSE (Belgium, 2013) (d. 2013)
Gudrun KLIX (Australia, 2013)
Kyoko TONEGAWA (United States, 2013)

Gotlind WEIGEL (Germany, 2011)

Steve MATTISON (United Kingdom, 2005)

Bruno ASSHOFF (Germany, 2022) (d. 2003)

Karen PARK (Denmark, 1997) (d.)

Vivika HEINO (United States, 1995) (d. 1995)

Shoji TAKEDA (Japan, 1994)

Otto ECKERT (Czech Republic, 1990) (d. 1995)

Loul COMBRES (France, 1988)

Latvite MEDNIEKS (Latvia, 1971) (d. 2018)
Ingeborg RINGER (Argentina, 1971)

Imre SCHRAMMEL (Hungary, 1970)
Tony FRANKS (United Kingdom, 1970)

Karl SCHEID (Germany, 1968) (d. 2019)

Eduard CHAPALLAZ (Switzerland, 1965) (d. 2016)
Beate KUHN (Germany, 1965) (d. 2015)

Pierre BOUFFARD (Switzerland, 1959) (d.)

In order of election year:

Jean GIREL (France, 2022)
Pieter STOCKMANS (Belgium, 2022)
Tatiana VALOVAYA (Switzerland, 2022)

Anu PENTIK (Finland, 2021)

Barbara BROWN (United States, 2019)
Yung-Hsu HSU (Chinese Taipei, 2018)
Yuan Taï YANG (Chinese Taipei, 2018)

Toni CUMELLA (Spain, 2016)
Yasuo HAYASHI (Japan, 2016)

Milton MOON (Australia, 2015) (d. 2019)
Peter RUSHFORTH (Australia, 2015) (d. 2015)

Helena BRENNAN (Ireland, 2014)

Kakiemon SAKAIDA (Japan, 1992) (d. 2013)





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Prizes and Awards

This page is dedicated to prizes and awards that are won by our members in the context of prestigious international competitions.

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