New Members 2023

“People of Kau” (2022) by 2023 New Member Leila Adam, Sudan

The Academy welcomes its 128 new members of 2023.

This 2023 election was another opportunity to receive many truly remarkable and impressively diverse submissions. The IAC would like to thank all the candidates and sponsors for their ongoing support in developing this network of professionals who are passionate about ceramics.

Information about the new members is available on their individual pages and these will be updated soon. The artists’ pages are already online on the Members webpage. To view the Members webpage click HERE.

Our newly elected members come from 48 different countries covering every continent. We would particularly like to highlight our first members representing Cyprus and Sudan! As you will see below, the majority of our new members are individual artists (97), but we are also pleased to welcome a number of new non-artist individual members and institutional members, as well as our first scientific expert member.

The regional distribution of the new members is as follows:

Europe – 48
Asia – 36
North America – 15
South America – 8
Africa & Middle East – 19
Oceania – 2

Individual Members :

Artists (97)

  • ABBAS Leith, Iraq
  • ACOSTA ARANGO Paula, Colombia
  • ADAM Leila, Sudan
  • ALAWADH Ali, Kuwait
  • AMIN Turath, Iraq
  • ARAGÃO Mariângela, Brazil
  • ARYEE Ernest, Ghana
  • AUGER Fanny, Chile
  • BAGHERI Sadegh, Islamic Republic of Iran
  • BALKERT Suzy, Switzerland
  • BARKER Andrea, Australia
  • BASULTO Orlando, Cuba
  • BLACK Douglas, Japan
  • BRANFMAN Steven, United States
  • BYERO Valentyna, Ukraine
  • CAMACHO SILVA Adolfo, Mexico
  • CAPPE Boris, France
  • CAPURRO Teresita, Argentina
  • ČAVOROVIĆ Jovana, Serbia
  • CHEN Liehan, China
  • COSSIO Bernardita, Chile
  • DAQING Gao, China
  • DAVIES Terry, Italy
  • DEMETRIOU Vassos, Cyprus
  • DOWDS Chloë, Ireland
  • DVORAK-GALIK Olesia, Ukraine
  • FARAHANI Narges, Islamic Republic of
  • Iran
  • GEIDUKA Katerina, Latvia
  • GUERRI Annalisa, Italy
  • GUO Aihe, China
  • HAKAN Ezgi, Turkey
  • HANDYSH Maryna, Ukraine
  • HANZEL Ana, Slovenia
  • HAUKOM Hanne, Norway
  • HERMAN Tania, Russian Federation
  • HUANG Jing, China
  • IOSIF Ioan, Germany
  • IVANOVA Stela, Portugal
  • JAKOBOVITS Marta, Romania
  • JANSSON LOTHE Linda, Norway
  • KAAPKE Lena, Germany
  • KELLEHER Matt, United States
  • KIM Gumsun, Republic of Korea
  • KIRCHMAIR Helene, Australia
  • KNAVEN Marga, Netherlands
  • KUTATELADZE Lali, Georgia
  • LI Hua, China
  • LI Zhihong, China
  • LIN Langming, China
  • MÁRQUEZ Cristina, Spain
  • MCDONALD Ian, United States
  • MIN LEE Young, Republic of Korea
  • MING Fu, China
  • NICKEL Grace, Canada
  • NONG Bangmin, China
  • PALZA Lucrecia, Bolivia
  • PENA Luz “Lulu”, Puerto Rico
  • PRADO Carlos Enrique, Cuba
  • PUIG-PASTRANA Marcelino, Puerto Rico
  • QI Zhenyu, China
  • QUEIPO Gerardo, Spain
  • RABIEIJAH Farnaz, Islamic Republic of Iran
  • REIENES Anne-Brit Soma, Norway
  • RISTEVSKI MLAKER Bojana, Serbia
  • RIVERA HERRERA Gadiel, Puerto Rico
  • ROKVAM Ole Morten, Norway
  • ROYO ALCARAZ Pepe, Spain
  • ROZENE Stephanie, United States
  • RUTAR Kristina, Slovenia
  • SAINZ DE AGÜERO Jerónimo, Mexico
  • SEDEJ Nataša, Slovenia
  • SEMACHAI Chanakarn, Thailand
  • SEREDA Saraswati Renata, India
  • SHAO Changzong, China
  • SOLOMONOVICH Adina, Israel
  • SONG Zhifeng, Germany
  • SPANGLER Shawn, United States
  • STEIN Kala, United States
  • SÜMENGEN BERKER Olgu, Turkey
  • SUN Wei, China
  • SÜTŐ Erika, Hungary
  • TOP Sonja, Germany
  • TRAVLOS Maritsa, Greece
  • VALLEJO SALINAS Icaro Maiterena, Spain
  • VATN Gunhild, Norway
  • VOGEL Ursula, Switzerland
  • VON BOCH Claudia, Switzerland
  • WANG Deng, China
  • WOOD Rachel, United Kingdom
  • WU Weiping, China
  • XIE Qiang, China
  • YEOUL KIM Byung, Republic of Korea
  • YUAN Yi, China
  • ZHANG Xuelong, China
  • ZHAO Lin, China

Goodwill Ambassador – Cultural Promoter (1)

  • DZODZIEV Victoria, Ukraine

Curator (1)

  • TIAN Weijia, China

Educator (1)

  • WANG Ke, China

Gallerist (1)

  • KØPPE Bettina, Denmark

Scientific expert (1)

  • AGO Expedit Evariste, Benin

Affiliate Members :

Associations (5)

  • Asociacion Nacional de Profesionales de Ceramica (ANPEC), Spain
  • Associação Portuguesa de Cidads e Vilas de Cerâmica (AptCVC), Portugal
  • Association pour l’Agriculture et le Développement Durable, Benin
  • Ceramic and Craft Association of Israel, Israel
  • Xi Wang Zisha Ceramic Professional Cooperative, China

Ceramic centres (4)

  • AK Ceramic Center, Republic of Korea
  • Centre Culturel / Ceramic Art Andenne, Belgium
  • Ishoken / Tajimi City Pottery Design and Technical Center, Japan
  • Stadtgemeinde Gmunden, Austria

School (1)

  • Shangyu Institute for Advanced Study on Ceramics, China

Galleries (2)

  • Galerie Terra Delft, Netherlands
  • Gallery Adrienne D, Belgium

Museums (3)

  • Goheung Buncheong Culture Museum, Republic of Korea
  • Keramiekmuseum Princessehof, Netherlands
  • Liu Hao Black Pottery Art Museum (刘浩黑陶艺术馆), China

Editor (1)

  • Ceramics Now, United States


Special Invitations:

  • BAO Wei, China (Winner of the “Faenza Under 35” Award)
  • MA Huiyuan, China (Winner of the Grand Prize, 12th International Ceramics Competition Mino, Japan)
  • PUNDURS Dainis, Latvia (Winner of the Gold Prize, 2021 Martinsons Award)
  • ŠEMBERAITE Agnė, Lithuania (Winner of the Gold Prize, 2021 Martinsons Award)
  • YUE Lizhi, China (Winner of the Second Prize, 2023 Shiwan Cup)


  • HERBST Rika, South Africa (Special Invitation from Africa)
  • NALA Jabulile, South Africa (Special Invitation from Africa)
  • OKAI Frederick Ebenezer, Ghana (Special Invitation from Africa)
  • Rust-en-Vrede Gallery + Clay Museum, South Africa (Special Invitation from Africa)
  • SIRAG Khaled, Egypt (Special Invitation from Africa)


“Head and body dialogue” (2016) by 2023 New Member Turath Amin, Iraq

“Time” (2020), by 2023 New Member Andrea Barker, Australia

“X Plan” (2019) by 2023 New Member Langmin LIN, China

“Walkway (Oxblood)” (2022) by 2023 New Member Ian McDonald, United States

“Sunset” (2022) by 2023 New Member Saraswati Renata Sereda, India

“In Corium” (2022) by 2023 New Member Bernardita Cossio, Chile



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