Carlos Enrique Prado

Carlos Enrique Prado is a visual artist born and raised in Havana, Cuba. Carlos graduated from the San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts in 1996. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts, earned in 2002, as well as a Master of Fine Arts degree, which he obtained in 2008, both from the ISA University of Arts of Cuba. He served as a faculty member at the ISA University of Arts of Cuba for a decade and is currently a professor of ceramics at the University of Miami.

Carlos Enrique has won multiple awards at Ceramics Biennials such as the Biennial of Ceramics of Havana (Cuba) and International Ceramics Triennial Elit-Tile (Dominican Republic). His works are featured in museum collections, including the National Museum of the Cuban Contemporary Ceramics of Havana and the Ceramics Research Center at the ASU Art Museum in Arizona. Prado has also shared his extensive expertise in ceramics as a visiting artist and speaker across multiple prestigious universities and art centers such as Arizona State University, University of Southern California, Midwestern State University, University of Mary Washington, University of Alabama, and the NCECA Conference.

Carlos Prado’s artistic endeavor focuses on ceramic sculpture. The ideas behind his works reflect an exploration of the classical representation of the human figure, referencing specific paradigmatic sculptures. Through this process, the references are both employed and dismantled, resulting in a visual regurgitation of classical subjects in new contexts. Carlos’ latest works are created using both digital modeling and ceramic 3D printing tools. The adoption of digital modeling technology has allowed him to create a larger body of work with more intricate designs and complex compositions. Prado has effectively employed clay 3D printing technology, which is still a relatively new technique, pushing the boundaries of ceramics beyond traditional practices. More info at