Claudia von Boch

I am a Swiss-Canadian ceramicist with a ceramic studio in Switzerland and in the Piemont, Italy. My work is inspired from the billions of years of accumulated and transformed living and mineral matter resulting in geological strata that reads like a story of our Earth. Erosion, sedimentation, pressure, and heat transform our planet. I replicate these phenomena in a shortened order of time in relation to that of nature. Scraps of clays, engobes and glazes are accumulated in layers, that through the firing process will reveal surprising fusions, deformations, colors, flows, fissures and textures. Comparable to geological formations, these stratified clays are like a skin that contain the stages of life and time. Layer upon layer, humans are built… each layer having an incidence on the whole being and bears witness of the delicate and intimate link between life and the terrestrial world.