Cristina del Castillo

Cristina Corte del Castillo
Artist’s Statement

Since a few years ago I started working from vegetables. With them I try to say things in a subtle way.

I create mosses that grow abundantly and anywhere, on the roofs of houses, rocks, walls, tree trunks, on walls and on the ground, in damp places. They survive during the dry season at the end of which they exhibit extreme wilting; they get back to life with the rains and reproduce taking advantage of these conditions. Somehow I am talking about the adaptive power they have, as well as human beings, who due to different circumstances or problems, seem to wilt and then be reborn again.

I create pastures that grow, strengthen and live in places where there are no plants, only empty, barren, bare, silent walls. I look to reflect their ability to adapt.

I create mushrooms. Along with plants, they are species that benefit from each other. They have great adaptability and can grow in any environment or surface, both in forests and cities. They live in diverse spaces and places, developing beautiful shapes and colors.

I create flowers, because humble cheers us by asking nothing back. I mean so many people make our lives happier like them. Light, subtle and fragile sprout.
Carnivorous plants obtain part or most of their nutritional needs by capturing and consuming insects. What I intend to say with this is to show today’s reality since there are so many human beings living from phagocytizing others. I see people swallowing others, with psychological manipulation.

I create thorns, exorcising with them past wounds, pain, regret, grief, suffering, restlessness.

Today my work is an extension of the moments that I live, it is in turn reflection from plastic art and from the depths of being.


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