Gedion Fernández

Gedion Fernandez Nolasco is a self-taught artist, natural from a community called Moya, Quinua, Ayacucho – Peru.
When he was a child, he dedicated himself to the art of ceramics. He learned ceramics from his grandfather when he was only 7 years old and was awarded a scholarship to the artisanal development center – CEDA, where he perfected many ceramics techniques, since that time he has held numerous solo exhibitions in Latin America, the United States, Italy and so on, he has participated in groups and other collective exhibitions in Peru and abroad, representing his country in contemporary art exhibitions such as:
2015 Traditional art exhibition in the National Museum of the American Indian NMAI Washington DC. The USA.
2014 MIRA Visual Arts Cultural Center Latin America Brasilia-Brazil.
2011 Individual exhibition Barro y Fuego, ICPNA – Miraflores.
2010 Exhibition Ayacucho art called Celebration of life, ICPNA – Miraflores Gallery, and
1992 Individual exhibition at the Forum Gallery, Lima – Peru.
His art has contributed and created interest in Peru helping to the strong identity of Quinua ceramics. He opens the meeting between Peruvian to international plastic and traditional artists.
Gedion has created a unique format starting from the traditional Quinua pottery to a piece of humanized volume, especially the fat musicians made of clay, managing to stylize and position their style in Peruvian art and gain the respect of many Peruvian and foreign artists.
Since 1987, Gedion has been teaching as a pottery teacher in different projects throughout Peru such as Ayacucho, Huaraz, Libertad – Trujillo, Chiclayo – Lambayeque and other Peruvian regions. Currently, he performs his teaching duties in the cultural center of Ate – Lima, forming children and young people with limited economic resources as future potters and thus supporting the intergenerational principle in Peruvian ceramics.


Gedion Fernández


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