Joan Panisello Chavarria

Joan Panisello’s Brief Curriculum Vitae

Ceramist born in Jesús-Tortosa (Tarragona) in 1944 and studied at the Schools of Arts and Crafts in Tortosa and in Tarragona. He has followed several courses in La Bisbal de l’Empordà (Girona – Spain), in Barcelona, and at Enfanga’t (Girona). In 1975 he obtains the Graduation title of Aplicated Arts in Barcelona, speciality: Pottery.

Joan Panisello is internationally considered as one of the most outstanding ceramists of our times, for the originality of his shapes as well as for the varied colouring in his works. In the last fourty eight years he has produced more than 10.000 different samples of colours.

His work of art is known in the five continents through more than 1000 national and overseas publications that deal with his work. He is also known having held more than 290 exhibitions in several countries and by his 40 work in Museums, Foundations, private and public Collections…

In 2008 Spain’s Ministry of Culture set up a retrospective itinerant exhibition, on which occasion an extraordinary book summarizing the artist’s career was published.

A total of 28 awards-national and international-(Spain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Japan,) guarantee his personal prestige and his professional savoir faire. In 1992 he received the award “Tortosí de l’any 1991”. (Tortosa’s citizen of the year 1991). In 2013 he was elected to the International Academy of Ceramics.

In his house he has got a workshop, four pottery kilns, half of which built by the artist himself, and two permanent exhibition areas, open all year round.

Jesús Ávila Granados
Journalist, and art critic.