Jose Ignacio Velez Puerta

My life has been as it is; I could not be anybody else and I did not think to be any other way.

Being an artist was always within me.

I work with certainty that this particular way of living between colours, materials and shapes is my method of learning and growing as a human being.

My oeuvre suddenly arose as a need that overwhelmed my comprehension; from the age of twelve I have not stopped working and I meet in my work the real expression of my memory.

I love materials and their expressive possibilities. My search has encompassed drawing, printmaking, painting and ceramics – my greatest love and which led to a decision that touches everything. In 2000, I took the conscious decision to focus on ceramics as an expressive medium.

I believe in the conceptual power that materials can transmit; I seek the silence of things and try to express this sublime solitude that exists within them.

I believe in beauty as a conceptual, emotional, spiritual, and material state; I look at the simple, at the austere as well at the elementary forms; I attempt to discover the sacred in simple things, but sometimes express my contained rage, my desperation at situations of conflict and injustice, but always in sight of the fundamental state to which I aspire.


Jose Ignacio Velez Puerta


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