Wang Ke, associate professor of Tongji University, Architect, Ceramic educator. Since 2009, I teach Ceramic Design, Ceramic Plastic Arts Brick and Wood Carving, Woodcut Printmaking courses for undergraduate and graduate students in Tongji. These courses not only provide basic styling skills training, but also aim to cultivate students’ innovative awareness, improve aesthetic discrimination ability, and broaden their knowledge. Furthermore, in the future, students would be able to incorporate art into the urban, architectural, and landscape through their working, and take art into the daily living spaces. In order to achieve these goals, over the past 14 years, I have designed and implemented a series of targeted teaching projects, include the shaping of abstract forms, the creation of imagery forms, the inheritance and innovation of traditional forms, the design in cultural contexts, etc.
14 years of ceramic art teaching, I achieving a series of teaching achievements. Including 5 published teaching articles, 2 published textbooks, and the course has also been awarded as an excellent course by Tongji University and Shanghai. More importantly, it has trained over 3000 Architects, urban planners, and landscape Architects who are interested in pottery and public art. Student works have also participated in exhibitions multiple times and received widespread praise from the academic community and society.