Kristina Rutar

I create a space of dichotomy as an answer to the sensibilities of perception in the environment. The response of experiencing the surroundings is mirrored in the relationship that is created between an object and a subject. It is within this that I am exploring the interrelation of freedom and captivity, presentness and absentness, shelter and exposure. At the same time, I bring awareness to the fragility of social structures and relationships in contemporary society. I perceive space as multilayered; as the negative space of an object, as the space in which we are present, and as my personal space within society.
The main motive of my work is the body, in its broadest sense. Its form contains several variables, both in it’s symbolism and the space it occupies. I create archetypal, elementary constellations through my experience of sensing the body. Isolated and unreachable to the viewer, it is through their detachment that the forms are able to return to their primary state of shelter and safety. I question the traditional understanding of pottery by utilizing new approaches to the medium, as my primary understanding of the objects lies in their conceptual and not technical and functional purpose. The latest work shows a more performative and process based work, researching the characteristics of different stages of clay and ceramics, embodying an idea or concept.