Pim Sudhikam

Pim Sudhikam is a material-based artist/maker who specialized in clay-based creations. She views the act of making as a potent mode of artistic self-expression, and her works emerge from the dynamic interplay between her ideas, the inherent qualities of clay, and her craftsmanship. Inspired by industrially manufactured forms, Sudhikam is especially fascinated by the transformations and deterioration these forms undergo when exposed to the natural world. This evokes a reflection on humanity’s efforts to mold and control its surroundings, juxtaposed with the ultimate supremacy of natural processes. She values the concept of engaging in dialogue with others through the medium of clay, viewing it as a vehicle for expressing and deciphering intricate phenomena. Sudhikam’s diverse body of work encompasses pottery, objets d’art, sculpture, installations, site-specific permanent installations, and interactive public art projects.

Sudhikam has taken part in numerous exhibitions, symposiums, and artist residencies both within Thailand and on an international scale. Her recent works were included in Womanifesto: Flowing Connections (Bangkok Arts and Culture Center, Thailand, 2023) POTs: the Vessels , (The National Gallery Bangkok, Thailand, 2023) Alta Collezione/High Collection (Museo Raffaele Bendandi, Italy, 2023) The International Cluj Ceramics Biennale 2019 (Museum of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 2019) One Ton (ARTIST+RUN, Thailand, 2019). Most recently she is selected for Bangkok Art Biennale 2024. Sudhikam is currently the Vice President of the International Academy of Ceramics and an Associate Professor of Design at Chulalongkorn University. She lives and works in Bangkok.


Pim Sudhikam


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