Samar Mogharbel

Stairway to heaven

Listenning first to what the clay whispers into the hands. The tactile process is full of far away secrets that usually reveals new grounds. I feel clay, a primordial material produced from erosion or decay holding eras of genetical memory, capable of leading the way. I am then only a passage.

Stairway to heaven is a contemporary meditative reflection on temporalities and possible ways of dealing with life in today’s Lebanon.

The work is an interpretation of the Mesopotamian sumerian ziggurat. Originally constructed as stepped temple towers, those longitudinal pyramid-like structures, gave access to the heavens in sumerian civilisation. They enabled atteigning spiritual spaces. Many times, for their specific shape, they also allowed to escape devastating life disasters, such as floods.

Time is rarely linear and moving forward does not necessary imply progress nor well-being. Reviving a certain spiritual knowledge from the past can thus form a path, even a narrow one, for a new way out.


Samar Mogharbel


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