Barbro Åberg

“Emerging from a personal pursuit of ‘the Archetype’, the work conveys a
sense of timelessness that transcends style anddefies categorization. Using
elements drawn from the natural world as a jumping off point for her forms
had always interested Åberg, and her ceramic compositions fire the
imagination as they draw the viewer into the enigmatic tension of the
micro/macro experience. The forms call to mind images of scanning electron
microscopy of Radiolarian micro-fossils. There is the sense that we might be
observing a close-up of a cell structure or tiny cross-section of bone, and then
the view suddenly expands out to a geologic scale. We are taken from a place
of intimacy to the sublime. Each piece enters into a dialogue with the viewer
wherein its own narrative, regarding its origins and/or its reason for being, is

Trudy Golley – excerpt from the article in Ceramics Art and Perception Issue 81.


Barbro Åberg


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