Fiona Fell

Fiona Fell is a practicing artist and academic, her commitment is positioned within the industry of ceramics, sculpture, and spatial practices including performance, installation, and new media. With over 20 solo shows, Fiona has received several international grants and is part of many public and private collections both National and International. These include the National Gallery of Australia, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, FLICAM- Australasian Museum, Fuping, China, Cera-Techno, Toki City, Japan Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, and numerous regional Australian galleries and University collections.

Fiona was represented by Watters Gallery in Sydney for five years and previously Legge Gallery, Sydney, for thirteen. She lectured into Sculpture and Spatial Studies, Art and Design within the School of Arts and Social Sciences at Southern Cross University, Australia for over twenty years and holds a doctorate from Griffith University, Queensland Australia.

Her recent work and research engage collaborative practices of an inter-disciplinary nature concentrating on new materiality in dialogue with media-based art forms. From 2012 to 2019 Fiona has supervised up to ten tertiary students a year with international exchanges supporting research activities in collaboration with the University of Barcelona.
During 2020 Fiona has been working at her studio in Barcelona and is currently undertaking a residency at European Keramik Work Centre, (EKWC) based in the Netherlands where she is making new large-scale sculptural works and embracing different technologies that speak to her commitment to the ongoing development of innovation in her artistic practice.

Dissolving the tough skin of the three-dimensional work Fiona Fell blurs the hard-and-fast distinction between artwork and artist, interior and exterior, animate and inanimate, fact and fantasy, body and corpus in experiments where clay no longer solidifies into common, everyday reality but spins a metaphor for a vaster, more fluid fabric of experience.


Fiona Fell


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