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My artistic point of view is not based on expressing the buildings which are the elements of the city with all their wonderful postures. My work actually consists of a chain of metaphors. The chaos in my abstract structures comes from the dynamics of the city, because the city has invisible faces. The invisible faces are darkness, poverty, longing, fatigue, depression. Usually no talk about them and no comment. Beauties are asked to be seen. If we only talk about the negativities, I will be unfair. If we look at the slums, we can find basic happiness in all those negative things. Most beautiful form of love, the most intense longing, the largest of sincerity is experienced in slums. I’ve had them, I’ve seen and felt.
When I look at today’s cities, I just feel sorry. Something’s going wrong, we’re losing some things. Actually, buildings are just like people. These buildings, which look like humans, lose their color. The reason I call color is because I try to relate colors to human emotions. Colors are fading, buildings are rising unreachable sizes. Skyscrapers cannot be reached just like today’s person. The skyscrapers are basically hiding loneliness behind its luxury and modern appearance. Structures, dimensions and perhaps quality increase but human values are observes in terms of decline. Cultural losses in today’s cities are another dimension.
Within the city what we know and what see every day, when we start to question and compare places and cities; we want to keep our insufficiency under pressure with the illusion which we are wrong. We create new narratives in order to gain awareness by creating new thoughts while the city is regularly or irregularly changing our landscape thoughts.
Cities are real and we are live inside of them…


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