Helene Kortner

I am a Banalist, celebrating a jubilation 2023, since I declared myself a Banalist in my basement studio in Bergen 2003. Working with various ceramic expressions. Making installations of collections in collisions of surfaces, colors, shaped into sculptural banalism made by impressions floating in from a vast period of time and freely interpreted areas . Trigger vessels that carry with them tales of assumptions, attachments ,sensing or directness. Inspired by nature and culture combined into expressions meeting each other to appear in comprehensions exploring the shaping in the making of handmade rehearsals that evolves and extends. Adventurous adventures heading for new paths, becoming experiences and ways of viewing. I like to put figures together, and find it great fun to work with different shapes reacting interactively. That comes from my love of walking in old museums, where various expressions meet from different angles, and may summarize into one special moment of a strangely connected visual drama . Also because of the way my works are being stored, and differ between themselves. Developing over years of shaping a ceramic collection, coming from collections of expressive communications, that seems to take on the attitude itself as a weird museum collection gone wild. Where parts have their own ideas when you close them up for the night. Even testing themselves against natural surroundings. So, I work with shaped connections that in a surreal and unexpected way may come together as an unknown unlikely tableau that somehow appears to be a poetical tale. Panthers among corals. Dreamy fables of sudden little wonders into nature. That is why I `d rather call myself a Banalist. To freely move among different levels of expressions into the intuitive making of hand built ceramic art collections of clay, and meet with impressions from whatever inspires and comes my way.