Jacinto Muñoz

Jacinto Muñoz was born in Rio Cuarto, Córdoba, Argentina.
He studied Visual Arts at Líbero Pierini Fine Arts School and Art and Cultural Management at Cordoba Provincial University.
Thereafter, he was Vilma Villaverde’s assistant from 2006 to 2015.
He has taken part in several national and international events, such as the Yingge Taiwan Residency programme (2017) and the Ceramic Festival in Zibo, China (2008).
Currently he is a professor at the art department of Río Cuarto National University, extended secretary, in ceramics and sculpture workshops.
His work is about the relationships between characters and nature, which begin from exploring through drawing, in order to expand in space with ceramic sculpture. These are images of antrophomorphisms and imaginary beings, all of them related to the environment where he lives.
The main purpose of his work is not only the interest in ceramic techniques in sculpture, but also in the building of relationships about art and people.