Macarena Salinas Amaral

In my proposal, the material of the work has strength and speaks for itself, the material is the basis of what I want to transmit or propose, ceramics itself as material, are what is revealed in the work.
I am interested in the connection that exists between the origin of the earth and working with ceramics as a material in the sense that they are rock particles that I reshape with my hands, burn and propose a work.
There is a mystery in the sense of what happens in the execution, of the gestures that remain in the piece of art, of the moment when it was made, of the accident, the brand, the sign, of the unexpected that happens while you are working with de materials.
Through my works, I want to invoke the ancestral rituals and the connection that the native peoples of northern Chile had with nature and especially with the peaks of the Andes, mountains that they considered sacred, and that they venerated in their rituals and ceremonies, which were carried out at more than 5,000 meters where archaeological remains of ceramics and platforms built by them have been found.
I return to an ancestral process when working with ceramics, the same process that has been repeated from hand to hand for generations, of making a vessel, a container that serves in the ceremony, from remains that account for those rituals.