Pascale Lehmann

The images evoked by this work are stored in the unconscious and have their origin in my own contact with nature. The natural is always permeable to changes and erodes over time, and is transformed without resistance according to its own laws. My particular point of observation is centered on how nature reinvents itself by means of its own natural agents.

If we observe any natural reference point within the same genre, there is no element equal to any other. There can be forms, textures, colors or sizes, but what really gives being to the object is not essentially in the multiplicity of its details, but rather in its unrepeatable individual character imposed upon us with determination. This is what makes it attractive. Expressive authenticity has a type of beauty that I am interested in respecting. This is why I merely wish to rescue the sensations and the gestural energy of the earthly terrain, with vision and personal character.

The work will be dominated by intuition. In the dialog with materiality, the object goes along suggesting changes, and the creative result almost always ends up far different from the original idea sketched. In this way privilege is given to the authenticity of the expressive instinct, and the spontaneity of the work.

This work invites us, for an instant, to leave aside our highly technological and functional world, to be transported to a territory detached from the passage of time and removed from the wear and tear of modernity. Through it, I would like to connect our sensitivity and spirit to the landscape that only time can transform and is often unperceived by our glance.