Rafaela Pareja Ribera

My work is inspired by an analysis of the everyday experience and the observation of nature.
An “accident” with matter may be a starting point, the origin of personal expression that attempts to bring art closer to life.
The object, in this case separated from its function and significance, can take on new meaning.
Whilst working with shapes, enclosing space and playing with its cavities, ideas appear out of some deep recesses and the desire to become reality.
There is the search for new ways, mixing earth time and time again with….? and waiting to see what happens. It´s a process of transformation in which water, earth and fire are totally indispensable.

My project consists of various series:

Anatomies: pieces with porcelain inlays that produce light and shadows to create a white on white landscape that allows the world of dreams to be explored.

Pets: born out of the human need to share life, these pieces twist along and have various legs.

Cove 2: these pieces are born out of the fascination and contemplation of treasures to be found on the sea bed; corals, radiolarios (fossilized skeletons). Unglazed surfaces, no slips, no oxides, the loop-shaped pieces curl and swell, like pillows, natural light creating shadows around them

Sponges: made of different materials mixed with porcelain, these pieces are born out of investigations into pressure, fragility, hardness and the elasticity of the material.


Rafaela Pareja Ribera


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