Sofia Donovan

My work is always about human nature´s most purest and unconscious state as opposed to the artifice of civilization. My practice interrogates the psychological interior of a biological and transitory body. I am interested in the passage of time, the moment in which the form is about to precipitate itself in the irreparable process of dissolution.

In my works the tension of the process and the contrast between style and experimentation are evident. They could be experienced as erratic, anomalous and disturbing since they transgress the normative presence of everyday spaces and reveal the essence of a new organization of the organic.

My most recent searches are motivated by the fascination in the destructive potentiality of nature and time. In how the remains of the past become symbols of transience, permanence, fall and loneliness. Symbols by antonomasia of the transience, the ruins are the metaphors that interest me in this stage. The ruins in relation to the individual and personal memory of the passage of time.