Ming Bai

I have been looking forward to the simple richness and elegant tranquility.
As for the life style and artistic style expressed in “form and process”, it is my understanding that different details be found out on the relatively perfect exterior surface to bring out an aesthetic preference and character in the form of its entirety. Just like the Chinese characters, the different structures composed of different strokes embody quite different meanings. It is also the same to the human faces which are completely different from each other though they seem identical. The different details represent colors and varieties in the life. The life is both a process and a form and the art is a process more than a form. The form and process may be regarded as both a way to create an elegant life and realm of spirit and a material requisite for our common life.
I like the language of ceramics: gentle, elegant, implicit, highly privileged and peaceful. It has an inherent air of refinement and tranquility. In my opinion, all of these qualities are the very reflections of the features of the Chinese culture. As a matter of fact, my fascination with such materials reapers to my yearning for the “Classic spirit” in my heart.


Ming Bai


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