Ipek Kotan

My work stems from a visceral need to create objects with my hands using natural materials and a love of the open vessel form.

Being one of the oldest objects ever made, one of the most commonly found in archeological sites the world over and one of the most essential in daily life even after 30,000 years, the vessel is an embodiment of the timelessness, endurance and universality of the human experience.  Generosity, openness, sharing, offering and protection are at the core of its DNA, weaving it tightly into the more positive chapters of the story of humankind.

I am interested in what this form symbolizes metaphysically and historically rather than its potential as a functional object and use it as a canvas and frame in which I explore modern and minimalist expressions. Working on the wheel using Limoges porcelain, I keep the exteriors of my forms simple, unglazed and highly polished in order to bring out the beauty of the porcelain and the complex textures and colors of my glazes on the interiors of the pieces. The works are as much made to be touched and felt as to be seen.

Even the slightest adjustment to the angle or sharpness of a rim, the thickness or the contour of a wall, the relationship of textures and colors between the interior and the exterior can make a world of difference in the character of a piece. This exploration of nuances is what gives direction to my work.