Presentation of IAC commissions

To carry out its programme, the IAC may create Commissions or working groups to study particular aspects of the Academy’s activities and make recommendations or proposals (see Article 11).

IAC members who are interested and would like to offer their expertise and reflections on the issues raised below are invited to make direct contact with the  chair of the committee.

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GA Santa Fe 2012



Commission 1: Articles and Rules
Mandate: To review and suggest modifications to the IAC Articles and Internal Rules.

Committee Members:
Anna Calluori Holcombe (Chair)
Elaine Henry (co-chair)
Peter Beard
Janet DeBoos
Monika Gass
Stéphanie Le Follic Hadida
Elaine Henry
Anna Calluori Holcombe
David Jones
Lynn Frydman Kuhn
Lee Middleman
Nikolaus Steindlmüller

Commission 2:  Council Structure
Mandate: To review the current council structure and propose alternatives to be ratified at the general assembly

Committee members:
Stéphanie Le Follic-Hadida (Chair)

Commission 3: Finances
Mandate: To examine and evaluate the IAC financial situation and propose new fiscal strategies.

Committee Members:
Oriol Calvo-Vergés (Chair)
Aileen Castañeda
Alejandrina Cappadoro
Avi Amesbury
Catalina Vial
Judit Varga
Mariel Tarela
Monika Gass
Patricia Glave
Rick Rogers
Shamai Gibsh
Vilma Villaverde


Commission 4: Future formats of the General Assembly and Congress
Mandate: To imagine new more sustainable forms of organizing future congresses and general assemblies.

Committee Members:
Anja Seiler (Chair)
Micheal Strand
Joelle Swanet
Ray Chen

Commission 5: Communication
Mandate: To update IAC communication channels, from the website to social media, newsletters and bulletins

Committee Members:
Pim Sudhikam (Chair)
Hitomi Shibata
Julia Feld
Monika Gass
Daria Krotova-Schlosse
Guangzhen Zhou
Hana Novotna
Yoshinori Akazawa

Commission 6: Exhibitions
Mandate: Define protocols for future IAC member exhibitions and develop new exhibition opportunities.

Ray Chen (Chair)
Adil Writer
Cesar Forero
Patty Wouters
Phyllis Kudder Sullivan
Oriol Calvo Vergés
Wan Liya



1. General Assembly Commission: Creation of the GA and Congress format
Definition of a structure and general guidelines. Team: Wayne Higby, Isabelle Naef Galuba, Janet DeBoos. Chair: Judith Schwartz

2. Council job description and conditions
What is the role of a Council member?
Team: Ilona Romule, Charlyne Kolly. Chair: Janet DeBoos

3. Editorial
Feed back of the first edition – how to find contributors ?
Team: David Jones, Charlyne Kolly, Jacques Kaufmann, Guangzhen Zhou. Chair: Isabelle Naef Galuba

4. Reorganization of the Office
Team: Isabelle Naef Galuba, Charlyne Kolly, Anja Seiler. Chair: Jacques Kaufmann

5.0 Finance
Develop long-term strategy – How to raise funds? Team: Guangzhen Zhou, Torbjørn Kvasbø, Judith Schwartz, Suku Park. Chair: Oriol Calvo Vergés


5.1 IAC Treasure Bowl Collection
Establish the final financial format of the project. Team: Jacques Kaufmann, Charlyne Kolly, Misun Rheem

5.2 IAC poster « Ceramics in Architecture and Public Space »
Team: Isabelle Naef Galuba, Charlyne Kolly. Chair: Guangzhen Zhou

6. Janet Mansfield Award 
Team: Janet DeBoos, Jacques Kaufmann.
Chair: Torbjørn Kvasbø

7. Proactive development of future GAs and Congresses
Team: Vilma Villaverde, Ilona Romulde, Wayne Higby. Chair: Monika Gass

8. Communication with all the members
How to improve communication? Team: Judith Schwartz, Oriol Calvos Vergés, Monika Gass, Charlyne Kolly
Chair: Jacques Kaufmann

9. Members’ benefits and needs, hopes
What do our members expect? Team: Stéphanie Le Follic-Hadida, Charlyne Kolly. Chair: David Jones


At the last Council meeting held in Dublin on 12 September 2014, in parallel to the Congress. The Council members have identified seven commissions.


1. Criteria for the election of the new members
Composed of: Michael Moore, Torbjørn Kvasbø, Gustavo Pérez, chaired by Janet DeBoos

2. Communication and editorial
Composed of: Isabelle Galuba Naef, Charlyne Kolly, Philippe Barde, chaired by Jacques Kaufmann

3. Fundraising
Composed of: Guangzhen Zhou, Wayne Higby, Suku Park, chaired by Michael Moore

4. Activies: UNESCO
Composed of: Oriol Calvo Vergés, Loul Combre, Jacques Kaufmann, chaired by Stéphanie Le Follic-Hadida

5. Exhibition
Composed of: Oriol Calvo Vergés, Marianne Heller, Tomoko Tanioka, chaired by Jacques Kaufmann

6. Host country
Composed of: Janet De Boos, Michael Moore, Oriol Calvo Vergés, Emili Sempere, chaired by Jacques Kaufmann

7. Articles
Work is being finalised: Articles and internal rules will be available soon on the website.







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