Nomination of Council Members

Nomination Procedure:

In accordance with IAC Internal Rule 1.D ‘Council Member,’ a Council Member is elected by the active membership.

Regulations for Nomination:

1)    Candidates and their supporting members must be individual members in good standing, which means they are up to date with payment of their membership fees.
2)    Members can write letters of support or nomination on behalf of only ONE candidate per seat election.
3)    Executive Members (President, Vice-Presidents, Treasurer) cannot write letters of nomination or support. Council Members at large, however, can write nomination or supporting letters.
4)    Letters of nomination or support do not need to come from the same region as the candidate.
5)    Nominees must be residents of the region they represent.  

A complete nomination consists of:

1)    One letter of nomination from any IAC member (1 page of 400 words maximum)
2)    Two letters of support from any IAC members, (each 1 page of 400 words maximum)
3)    One letter from the candidate approving the nomination and detailing the intentions, skills and visions for his/her/their candidacy (1 page of 400 words maximum)
4)    A short biography (1 page of 400 words maximum)
5)    CV highlights (1 page maximum)
6)    A recent portrait photograph
7)    A short promotional video, created entirely by the candidate abiding by instructions supplied by the IAC Office.

Required Skills:

1.     Knowledge of IAC institutional processes (see our Articles and Internal Rules in the private member’s area of the IAC website).
2.     Good command of English, additional languages welcome.
3.     Good organizational, strategic thinking and communication skills.
4.     Strong ability to work collectively: ability to listen, ability to defend an idea, ability to think collectively.
5.     Good knowledge of art, geography, geopolitics and the designated region.

Ethical Behaviour Principles for Council Members:

  • To be available, effective, responsive and proactive
  • To demonstrate a rigourous work ethic
  • To act with personal and professional integrity, honesty and fairness
  • To respect confidentiality
  • To be familiar with the conflict of interest policies and procedures
  • To be respectful of Members and of Staff

More information about the role of Council Members is available in the IAC’s ‘Articles and Internal Rules’ document, which can be found online on the >> Members section.


1.     To carry forward the humanistic values of the IAC, to act for understanding and peace between peoples in line with the IAC’s mission.
2.     To promote the IAC and its networks.
3.     To represent the IAC’s members from the designated region.
4.     To regularly attend and prepare for IAC Council meetings, which are held a minimum of once per year.
5.     To participate in IAC commission(s) work and any assigned IAC projects or administrative tasks.
6.     To regularly communicate with members and activate inter-regional and inter-country exchanges within the designated region as much as possible.
7.     To provide the rest of the Council with complete information (agendas and minutes where appropriate) on all of their IAC-related meetings (regional, special, commission).
8.     To regularly inform the Council of important changes and events within the designated region (creation of schools, media, residences, museums, major exhibitions, etc.).
9.     To alert the Executive to possible dysfunctions related to the artistic and pedagogical culture of a country within the designated region (access for all to quality artistic education, existence of ceramic sections within schools, protection of ceramic works and the copyright attached to them, etc.)
10.  To prepare a short annual report as to any important events and activities in their designated region.
11.  To prepare a short annual report on their activities over the year. There will be an annual “audit” to assess assigned missions.
12.  To provide guidance in specialized/critical matters related to their expertise and knowledge.
13.  To assist the IAC Office when necessary (e.g. translations)
14.  To abide by the IAC’s ethical behaviour principles for Council Members.
15.  To sign at the start of their tenure the IAC’s “Charter of Positive Communication”
16.  To contribute to the IAC structure by initiating an appropriate policy*
17.  To ensure that the Articles and Internal Rules are being followed*
18.  To maintain responsible and appropriate finances to fulfill the IAC mission**

Primarily concerned: * Executive/** President, Treasurer and Coordinator.

Election Procedure:


Regulations of the Election Period:
1)    No self-promotion for the position of IAC Council Member is allowed on any communication platform (this includes social media sites, websites, emails, letters or phone calls to individuals or groups of members).
2)    Communication material can only be sent out by the IAC Office via official IAC communication channels. The candidates are requested to provide all necessary information to the Office, so that each candidate is presented fairly in the same manner.
3)    IF a member requests it, candidates must supply proof of any major claims made in their application (e.g. diplomas, catalogue pages, screenshots of websites, etc.) during the consultation period.
4)    Candidates must not denigrate other candidates in any way (irony, caricature, direct disparagement, inuendo etc.)
5)    Candidates who fail to comply with these regulations face immediate disqualification from the election process.

NEW! Regional Representation:
A new protocol has been voted upon by the Council to guarantee regional representation by candidates. It requires that all candidates’ files, after verification by the Office, are first submitted by the Office to the IAC members of the respective seat’s country/region for a recommendation vote (only applicable if there is more than one candidate). Thereafter, the candidates are presented to all IAC individual members with the results of the recommendation vote before the official vote takes place (with, as usual, one vote per seat per member).

In accordance with IAC Internal Rule 3B: “Exclusion: In the case of a serious offense or disrespect of the articles of the Association, a member may be excluded (removed from the Council) with a two-thirds majority vote of the Council.”



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