Partner of UNESCO

UNESCO headquarters in Paris

Since 1958, the IAC has been affiliated with UNESCO, first on a consulting basis and then, since 2001, as an official partner in the cultural sector. The IAC takes this partnership seriously and wishes to contribute to meet the challenges of this important organisation recognising the scientific, educational and cultural issues of its member countries.

Our role at UNESCO is kept under regular review. It is important for the IAC to maintain strong ties with the organisation. Otherwise, it risks losing its status. Our main strength is our universality, both in terms of a single medium, common to so many cultures, and in terms of our membership (drawn from five continents and fifty-three countries). Such an international dimension should enable us to develop pragmatic and consensus-based projects to propose to our members as well as to the other NGO members of UNESCO.

Loul Combres launched a number of international projects (Habitat Earth, film festivals, among others), but one stands out for its future potential: the partnership with the Fondation Culture et Diversité, aiming to promote access to culture and the arts for young people from disadvantaged educational backgrounds.

The Saint-Jean-de-Fos site that has been involved in the UNESCO programme for the past two years. Stéphanie Le Follic-Hadida looks for other locations capable of hosting young ceramists from Africa, Asia and South America, as the three priority regions identified by UNESCO, in particular.

Our IAC representative to UNESCO keeps us informed of the organisation’s activities and maintains and progresses our international networks. Through this representation we can implement and develop projects that meet the requirements of our membership within this context.

As such, where appropriate, the IAC strongly encourages its members to acknowledge the IAC’s partnership with UNESCO in the following manner:

  • “IAC, NGO in official partnership with UNESCO”

Please also note that no use or reproduction of the UNESCO logo is permitted. The IAC disclaims all responsibility for any violation of these rules by its members. It is the individual’s responsibility.


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IAC representative to UNESCO

Stephanie Le Follic-Hadida has been the IAC representative to UNESCO since 2014

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Interview with Loul Combres

Loul Combres is a French member of the IAC who has represented and supported our institution at the UNESCO for over 18 years.

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Funds and Donations

The Academy is committed to achieving large scale projects that promote ceramic culture and debate, exchange, reflection and the sharing of knowledge.

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