Every two years at the Ariana Museum (Geneva, Switzerland), the International Academy of Ceramics hosts a series of lectures on the state of play in the ceramics scene, with a twofold focus: 1) the encounter of ceramics cultures from various world regions and 2) the inner workings of institutional structures such as museums, residencies and educational centers specializing in ceramics. 



During the 5th IAC DAY that took place on September 21st, 2017 (from 7pm to 9pm), two leading figures of the international ceramics scene presented their respective activities. 

Australian artist and Prof. Emer. Janet DeBoos gave a talk on how she got ceramic practice to meet Australasian aboriginal art. An undertaking drawing on mutual listening, cultural exchanges and knowledge sharing. 

American artist, curator, writer and professor Wayne Higby gave his talk on the Alfred Ceramic Art Museum, which was recently inaugurated at Alfred University, in upstate New York. A house of treasures for contemporary ceramics and a propitious location as the museum was created with the support of Alfred University. 


Gained in Translation: Contemporary Indigenous Ceramics in Australasia

Janet DeBoos, Emeritus Professor of Australian National University

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Treasure House of North America: The Alfred Ceramic Art Museum at Alfred University

Wayne Higby, Director and Chief Curator of the Alfred Ceramic Art Museum

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IAC DAY Lectures

Since 2009, the biennial 'IAC DAY' is held at the museum with Council members.

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