Lectures: Diversity

Bertrand Fèvre, “Ceci n’est pas” (2010)


Diversity accentuates the interrelatedness of ceramics and its crossovers into other aspects of cultural expression. Local art, culture and style are expressed through diverse creative processes including design, multimedia and culture.



Julie Bartholomew

"Ceramics and the Emergence of Hybrid Cultures"

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Ray Chen

"Multiple Modernisms": A Perspective on Contemporary Asian Globalism"

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Chiang Shu-Ling

"The Ceramics Generations: The Path of Taiwanese Ceramic Development"

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Shabanali Ghorbani

"Persian Sculptural Ceramics History and Design: from Prehistoric to Contemporary"

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Ning Gang

"The Locality of Ceramic Art - Taking Jingdezhen Ceramic Art as an Example"

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Wang Shengli

"Dialogue between the Imagination and Sam – A brief introduction to incorporating Chinese Landscape Painting into Ceramic Practice"

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Tetsuya Tanaka

"Ceramics as Contemporary Art"

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Wen-Hsi Harman

"Hybrid ceramics – in between Taipei and Bristol"

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Anna Calluori Holcombe

"Where Tradition and Technology Meet"

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editorial N°1

This webpage is focused on the general theme of « New Orientalia – Functionality, Spirituality, Diversity ».

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