2020 IAC New Members' Exhibition and Seminar

The entrance to the 2020 IAC New Members’ Exhibition at the Beijing Guozhong Ceramic Art Museum.


The New Members’ Exhibition should have been held within the framework of the IAC Congress in July 2020. The Covid-19 pandemic required us to employ creativity and rethink the format of the exhibition. The collaboration between the Beijing Guozhong Ceramic Art Museum and the IAC made it possible to meet this challenge. Under the patronage of Mr. Zheng Zhi, the Chairman of Yuanyang Investment Group, the museum team and the event coordinator Mr. Guangzhen Zhou, IAC Council member representative for China (from 2014 – September 2020), fully invested themselves in this project and actively contributed to the success of the exhibition and the seminar.

The New Members’ Exhibition is being held from November 7 to December 12, 2020 at the Beijing Guozhong Ceramic Art Museum in China. The works of 144 artists are on display virtually, whilst those of 62 artists are present in the in situ exhibition and its 3D version. On the occasion of the inauguration on November 7, an international online seminar was organised.

Among the speakers who took part in the inaugural ceremony, 3 new artist members of the IAC in 2019 presented their work and artistic approach, namely King Houndekpinkou (France, Benin), Adam Chau (USA), and Belinda Blignaut (South Africa). Their presentations are available in text format hereunder (only in English).

During the seminar, several IAC member guest speakers spoke about the development of new trends in international ceramics, including Torbjørn Kvasbø (Norway), Liu Zheng (China), Claudia Casali (Italy), Wayne Higby (USA), Janet DeBoos (Australia), Wan Liya (China), and as seminar moderator: Jacques Kaufmann (France). The seminar is available in text format in the right column (in English only).


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King Houdekpinkou

Born in Montreuil (France) in 1987, King Houndekpinkou is a Franco-Beninese ceramicist who lives in Paris. As the face of a rising generation of artists from the African diaspora exploring global possibilities, King works in France, Japan and Benin. King has developed a practice that blends tradition, spirituality and visceral work of the material.

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Belinda Blignaut

Emerging in the early 1990s, Belinda Blignaut (b.1968, South Africa) was one of a group of young conceptual and experimental artists in Johannesburg whose work served as a commentary on the social and political uncertainty of South Africa. Her work processes issues around transformation, with the body at the centre of all.

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Adam Chau

Adam Chau is an artist based in New York, U.S.A. His background is in Industrial design and he works towards blending digital technology with traditional craft. As a biracial American with Chinese heritage he also questions heritage and the right to practice in blue-and-white aesthetics.

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Torbjørn Kvasbø – SEMINAR

Keynote speech by Torbjørn Kvasbø, IAC President 2018-2024 and IAC artist member since 1990.

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Janet DeBoos – SEMINAR

Janet DeBoos is an accomplished Australian ceramicist and formerly the IAC's Council representative for Australia, New Zealand and Africa. She is known for her longstanding work with indigenous communities in Australia.

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Wayne Higby – Seminar

Wayne Higby is a Professor of Ceramic Art and the Wayne Higby Director and Chief Curator of the Alfred Ceramic Art Museum at Alfred University in New York. His artistic practice is known for its inventive use of Raku earthenware.

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Wan Liya – SEMINAR

Wan Liya is a well-established Chinese ceramicist who is the IAC's Council representative for China for 2020-2026. His work is concerned with the legacy of Chinese ceramic traditions amidst rapid changes in contemporary society.

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Claudia Casali – Seminar

Claudia Casali is the Director of the International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza (MIC), Italy. Alongside her work she lectures, curates and collaborates with museums internationally as a jury member for ceramic competitions.

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