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Ways to work by Stéphanie Le Follic-Hadida

“Every year, the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee sets the themes for Days or Forums and determines locations for each event. The Academy can contribute to these themes, if relevant and feasible proposals are made. All members should support the Academy because the vitality of our partnership depends on the commitment and the willingness of all. In order to be effective, I would like to be able to count on the involvement of members in each of our 55 countries.


Allow me to describe briefly the areas in which UNESCO would like to see our involvement: education (infants, girls’ education, women’s status and role in the economies of poor countries…), environmental protection (sustainable economies and construction, water issues, climate change adaptation, waste management…), and heritage and culture, for instance through the Intangible Cultural Heritage programme. There are five main areas in this regard: oral traditions, performing arts (traditional music, pantomime, theatre), ritual ceremonies (and how they continue to bind social groups together), traditional crafts, and the perpetuation and transmission of ancestral practices that help to preserve the natural environment.

UNESCO Member States expect and want NGOs to make practical proposals relating to the educational, economic and climate-related problems they face.



In 2016, work areas defined by the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee are:

– FORUM “PEACE” in South America. Place and date yet to be determined.
– FORUM “OCEANS”. Place and date yet to be determined.
– The follow-up of the FORUM “RAPPROCHEMENT OF CULTURE” (after Beijing 2015)

I will keep you informed as soon as the projects take shape.

The IAC office is planning to make proposals to the Forum “Peace”. If IAC members residing in South America wish to support us, they may already contact Anja Seiler to :



In 2015 : (previous event)

Forum of NGO’s in China : Beijing
Two days, Theme : ” Rapprochement of Cultures” 
Call for suggestions from IAC members. More information, click here.

UNESCO’S 70th anniversary celebrations
The liaison committee will organize a ceremony on 3-4 July in Paris. 
Call for suggestions from IAC members. More information, click here.

Forum 4 : 18-19 June 2014 in Paris
Two days, theme : ” The role of women in fight against the poverty “. The proposal are closed. The IAC participated in the meeting and made proposals and interventions.

Photo awards
Organized by WFPA (World Folklore Photographers Association) M. Shen Che).
Link : 



IAC representative to UNESCO

Stephanie Le Follic-Hadida has been the IAC representative to UNESCO since 2014

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