Daphne Corregan

My work is the consequence of gathered impressions, emotions and reactions impressed in my body and mind and consciously stored on paper or in the back of my head.
These might be coming from my travels throughout Africa or China, anger generated from mankind’s misunderstandings or intolerance, contemplation of works by Picasso, Penone, Tapiès, Twombly…… by a humble example of craft, architecture, primitive art, a choreography or modest everyday objects or tools…. I look at the way the light hits my drying laundry, at new forms created by a vision of overlapping vessels, shadows, scarred walls or landscape…. I particularly look at drawings; prehistorical, graffitti, Da Vinci, Giotto, Bueys, Holbein, Picasso, Matisse, Klosowski, Basquiat …. The inspirations are multiple and mingle. I’d like to say that I try to retranscribe some of these emotions, visions and experiences in my work. Even though I might adventure to other materials such as glass, paper or wax to satisfy a specific need for a particular piece, most of my work is conceived as ceramics, keeping in mind the method of firing and how that will influence the result.


Daphne Corregan


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