Hasan Şahbaz

Nearly 20 years, with ceramic clay I have worked on intensively both in terms of labor and also ideas in a most profound and serious manner; we have been shaping each other. I find myself lucky that I have a life within art, that I always pursue “new” ideas that I can create. Positive-negative; anything that touches your life may be your inspiration. What’s important is to what extent you absorb the topics which affect you and how original a language of expression you create capturing the techniques and forms which will express them best.

“Without being directly representational, these sculptures allude to cellular elements of organisms just as easily as they might reference a view of a city or settlement that one might see out of a plane window at night. Within this macro and micro context, they operate very effectively on a formal level through repetition and variety of form. Hasan’s work is extraordinary. When one looks at it, one is dazzled by negative space and complex repetition of form. Because it is so unique, one wants to study it and perhaps understand how it is made. Hasan is enough of a traditionalist and ceramic craftsman not to be able to embrace cracks and “flaws” that might add even more meaning and significance to these pieces. Still, given his socio-political views, it seems consistent for him to focus on virtuoso technique and the sheer beauty of his pieces. Hasan Sahbaz is in the prime of his creative practice and we can therefore expect even more innovation and creativity from this extremely talented, leading emerging international artist.”
(By Marc Leuthold)