Kyung Jo Roe

Roe Kyung Jo creates a large and complex clay mass, and then he cuts away at it aggressively, removing unnecessary details. Numerous small details, which Roe Kyung Jo added to make an otherwise simple looking rectangular object interesting, are erased one by one by the artist himself to create a totally different shape from that which existed when he began. This rectangular object we see here has a beauty of simplicity and was created after a meticulous, regimented and well thought-out process of elimination. Roe’s works recall the spirit of Joseon potters, who valued simplicity as the essence of art. Roe Kyung Jo is immersed in transforming an otherwise a dull looking clay body into a joyful and dynamic shape by adding elements of a vessel, such as a spout, a lid, and a handle, or by carving out wind holes to allow the rectangular body to breath, or cutting off acute angles to make gentle plane on some parts of the body.

As he is working on clay, Roe Kyung Jo’s hands are like those of an old carpenter with his eyes looking at the field outside his studio where the wind is blowing, and his mind looking for a beauty of simplicity that is a natural aspect of simple life.


Kyung Jo Roe


Country, region
Republic of Korea



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