Madhur Sen

Earth, water, fire, air, and space are what our universe is made of.

Quite like the mystical nature of our cycle of life, working with clay completes the cycle of life. Clay is born of mother earth and goes back to her.

My work mainly represents the living form. I like working on human and animal theme-based compositions. After learning and experimenting with all kinds of materials in my college art days, where I graduated in sculpture, I found my love and passion for clay. The love affair with clay which started more than thirty years ago is still growing stronger by the day. Working with this material keeps me grounded and sensitive; because this material demands full respect and careful handling. When it is taken care of and kept moist it can stay forever and will mature over time which makes the clay even better to work with.

Working with the medium of clay, which is the one of the five main elements of nature (earth, water, fire, air, space) I feel at one with nature. No clay work can be completed without any of these five elements. Moulding my passion in clay, mother earth gives me the opportunity to be one with her. The beauty of this material is malleable when soft but becomes hard as rock when it goes through a transformation through firing. The magical nature of this medium – clay, intrigues me. Clay is everywhere and it’s forever changing, breaking and forming. No fistful of clay is similar. I like to use and combine the pottery technique from the wheel-thrown shape and then add or alter it with the modelling technique to give shape to my sculptures. I like using stoneware clay fire to a high temperature (1280 degrees centigrade) using safe lead-free glazes.


Madhur Sen


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