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The rapid development of public and private institutes of art in Malaysia reflects the importance of the field of art and design in the development of the nation. In this context, Universiti Teknologi MARA is proud to have the oldest such faculty in the country. The Faculty of Art and Design (FSSR), founded in 1967, has brought fame to the University and the country through various artistic activities and achievements. As a matter of fact, the faculty is the only Faculty of Art and Design in Malaysia to have obtained the ISO 9001: 2000 certification.

Initially known as the School of Applied Arts, the Faculty of Art and Design was originally adjoined to the School of Architecture, Planning and Land Survey. Its temporary studios and classrooms were located at Petaling Garden, before moving to Section 17, Petaling Jaya in 1970. It started with three full-time lecturers and two part-time lecturers. The first batch counted 33 students enrolled in the foundation course.

The following year, three programmes of specialization were created, namely Fine Arts, Graphic Design and Textile Design. Twenty-six students attended these courses while forty students enrolled in the foundation course. In 1973, as several more programmes were added, the School of Applied Arts seceded and became known as the School of Art and Design (Kajian Seni Lukis dan Seni Reka, or KSSR). Nevertheless, KSSR still used part of the School of Architecture complex when it moved to the Shah Alam campus in 1974. Finally, in early 1982, KSSR moved to its own building which it still occupies today.

Faculty of Art and Design UiTM is the only faculty in Malaysia offering a Ceramic Program, and pioneering the professional degree from undergraduate to postgraduate;

The new two and a half year programme (5 semesters) introduces a curriculum with a trust on the basic knowledge and practical skills in creative designing and making clay based products. The general philosophy, principles, practices and techniques in ceramics art and design introduces via devised projects. The programme is strengthened by other ‘taught’ courses such as liberal studies, computer skills, entrepreneurial and elective courses. It is also supplemented by a planned series of visitation to factory as well as small and medium scale ceramic production centres to expose the students to the applications of knowledge in the field of ceramics.

This programme is designed to extend the student’s knowledge and experiences to a level substantially beyond that normally attained at diploma level and appropriate for the award of BA (Hons) degree. It is seen as relating to the definition of a ‘specialist programme’ providing the expertise and knowledge for the study of Industrial and Studio Ceramics. The three-year programme encourages students to engage actively in personal research and development as an integral part of their studies and to use the technology of ceramics in an innovative and creative ways of designing and manufacturing clay based products. A period of supervised industrial attachment in local industry (as well as in Japan and Australia) is included in the programme.

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Department of Industrial Ceramics,
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UiTM / Faculty of Art & Design


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