Višnja Slavica Gabout

Višnja Slavica Gabout is an art historian by profession, working as an art critic, journalist and curator. She has been active on the art sceene since early eighties, publishing professional texs and reviews in daily weekly and periodical journals and specalized publications on culture and art. Her interests are tracking the relevant events in contemporary art and her work has become known in Croatia in the field of contemporary applied art, particularly of contemporary Croatian ceramics. She is the autor, selector and curator of numerous curatorial projects where she encourages experiment, activates creative approach and inspires ceramists with new and inovative ideas, interesting themes, multimedia concepts and skilfull expression. Thus contributing to the recognition of contemporary ceramics as equally valuable to other forms of contemporary art. She has written a number of monographs and books, including the esteemed Ceramics and Contemporary Art, as well as many theoretical and critical texts and studies in the catalogues of exhibits which she has curated. She is very active in the Croatian Ceramics Association – Kerameikon (the president of the Art Council), the Croatian Association of Artists of Applied Arts – ULUPUH and the Croatian Visual Artists’ Association-HULU. From 2004 to 2018 she was the president of the Art Council of the Croatian Association of Artists of Applied Arts (ULUPUH), whose two galleries in Zagreb she was the manager from 1993 to 2003. Today she works for many Croatian art associations and galleries as a curator, member of the jury or advisor. She has worked as jury member or curator in many international projects („Ex Tempore“ Piran/ Slovenia, UNICUM- Interational Triennial of Ceramic, Slovenia) and also participated at several international symposiums and residential programs in Europe. For all her activities she has been awarded several times.