Payment of membership fee

We kindly ask you to pay your annual member fee during the first quarter of each year and by March 31 at the latest.


The simplest way to pay is by accessing the online invoice available in your member account which offers payment via PayPal and information about alternative payment modes. 


The following timeline outlines the time period for payment of your membership fee:

  • JANUARY – MARCH 31: Membership fees requested via newsletter (invoices sent to affiliate members only). Payment is expected during this quarter.

       In the event of non-payment by March 31:

  • APRIL: Reminder is sent by e-mail to Individual Members. Member loses their rights until outstanding fee is settled.
  • JULY: Reminder is sent by e-mail to Affiliate Members.
  • OCTOBER: Last notice sent by e-mail.
  • JANUARY of the following year: In the absence of a payment and lack of request for special consideration by 31 December, the member is excluded from the IAC in January of the following year.

Important note about the sponsors of new member applicants: 

MAY 31: The members to whom this applies must have settled payment of all outstanding fees by this date.


We recommend payment via PayPal.
The invoice system that we set up in 2015 informs us directly of any payment through PayPal and automatically records the information in the IAC database. This saves us the hassle of accounting errors and valuable time, allowing our office staff to focus on other tasks.

Pay directly via your online invoice.
We wish to emphasize that PayPal is a secure payment system and it is not necessary to have an account with PayPal in order to use it, since this service gives you the possibility to pay with credit card. To choose this option, click on “Pay without PayPal account”, enter your credit card information and follow the procedure to complete payment. A PayPal receipt will be sent to you directly.

Payment by bank transfer
For any payment by bank transfer, you will find our bank details on your online invoice.

Payment via SixPayment Services
If you wish to pay with your Visa card or MasterCard without using PayPal, please email the IAC offices on: These transactions will be made by our Six Payments business partner.

Affiliate members automatically receive a receipt from the Office for their payment (all payment methods).

Donations automatically receive a receipt from the Office for their payment (all payment methods).

Individual members can upon request by e-mail / phone receive a receipt from the Office for their payment.




Members can create or update their personal pages in their private member accounts.

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Payment information

To facilitate your transactions, IAC makes available many payment methods.

Thank you for you active involvement.

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