IAC Awards - Themed Members Exhibition 2018

From l. to r.: Madhvi Subrahmanian, Torbjørn Kvasbø, Zhenhua Jin, Agnes Husz, Judith Schwartz and Jacques Kaufmann.

The themed IAC Member Exhibition (2018) was held on the occasion of the 48th Congress in New Taipei City and reflected the Congress general theme “New Orientalia: Functionality, Spirituality, Diversity”. 
In order to honour the artworks of IAC members, the IAC Executive committee awarded 4 prizes during a ceremony that took place at the Yingge Ceramics Museum in New Taipei City, on September 30th, 2018.

The jury was composed of Jacques Kaufmann, Torbjørn Kvasbø, Judith Schwartz and Madhvi Subrahmanian.



New Orientalia Award

This prize was awarded to Agnes Husz for her piece titled Ripples, 2018.

Agnes Husz has been a member of the IAC since 2013. She hails from Hungary but has been living in Japan since 1993.

“The ritual is in this work. Enjoying the process of rolling the clay strips one by one without thinking, just letting myself be one with the work and being part of the Universe. The work is finished, but not complete. It develops further in accordance with the immediate surroundings and will always reveal something new. Fill it with water, maybe nothing will happen. Mute. But if anything moves or someone passes by, the work is aroused and will answer with ripples.”

Ripples, 2018, 50×49.5×15 cm, Glazed ceramic, handbuilt, oil kiln,1260°C

Spirituality Award

This prize was awarded to Shida Kuo for his piece titled Untitled N°18-01 ,2017.

Shida Kuo has been a member of the IAC since 2003. Hailing from Taipei, he lives in the United States.

“I am curious about how people of different origins and backgrounds can respond to forms and materials in an identical way. Shared experiences of emotional and spiritual impacts created by forms and materials are articulated by our bodies even before they can be understood by our minds. I try to demonstrate this creative process through my work. I use primarily ceramic and wood for my works because human beings have used these two materials for thousands of years regardless of cultural or racial differences. They are so close to us in many ways and become the best material for me to convey my ideas.”

Untitled No. 18-01, 2018, 25×20×49 cm, Fired white clay and wood, Electric, low earthenware, burnish, 1027°C

Functionality Award

This prize went to Jin Zhenhua for her pice titled Orientation, 2017. 

Hailing from China, Jin Zhenhua has been a member of the Academy since 2013.

“In this materialistic society, we encounter many choices of varying and uncontrollable orientation which intertwine with each other with or without order. Contact with clay is the simplest and most heartfelt way of communication. I formed the curvature of the slab through my hand’s contact with clay to convey an uncertain orientation. It is like a piece of paper being folded repeatedly in search of possibilities, in extension of different orientations, toward unique, unbroken continuities. Meanwhile, no variation escapes this vessel.”

Jin Zhenhua, 2017, 29×27×20 cm, Porcelain, hand pinched, gas kiln, 1310°C

Diversity Award

This prize went to Nicholas Geankoplis for his piece titled Saccharin Series | For as little as, 2017. 

An American citizen, Nick Geankoplis became member of the Academy in 2017.

“In this body of work entitled Saccharin, I have taken Chinese factory produced decals for industrially made ceramic tableware and collaged them with hobby craft decals from America and Europe on large porcelain tiles produced in Jingdezhen for traditional over glaze ceramic painting. The imagery is collaged on a seemingly viscus surface on top of bright vibrant plastic like colors. The scenes distort, bend and blend around the topography of the drips alluding to cultural hybridity and contemporary commercialization of heritage.”

Saccharin Series │ For As Little As, 2017, 58×58×4 cm, Clay, glaze, image transfer, luster, gas reduction, electric oxidation



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