Viktor Reshetnikov

Viktor Reshetnikov’s images, building the ideal artistic realities, at the same time preserve natural connections with the life immediacy, its creative matter and organic forms. Referring to the art of ceramics and to the objects-things, in which aesthetic virtues are inseparable from functionality and utility, the artist creates unique designs that can overcome plastic limitations and expand the semantic context. In his works he comes back to the discoveries and innovations that appeared in the Russian avant-gadre culture in the first decades of the last century. By actualizing contemporary art, Victor Reshetnikov’s plastic views turn to the culture memory of the civilization, to its origins, to those first seeds, when the geometry of the square determined the place of our planet in the cosmological picture of the world. In his art, the square as a symbol, as an artistic program, reveals not only new aesthetic possibilities in the space of culture, but also ethical principles that bring appearing social structures in harmony. Victor Reshetnikov builds multi-dimensional structures on the principle of self-similarity, forming a continuous process, close to the development of the crystal. In this technology, the phenomenality of fractal geometry is clearly manifested. The cells in fractal strategy, considered as infinitely fractional units, form a set that possess surprising properties.