Avi Amesbury

Avi Amesbury is a ceramic artist and arts administrator. Her current exhibition work uses the vessel form to explore the meeting place between land and sea, and is inspired by the landscape on the far south coast of New South Wales, Australia.

As artist-in-residence at the Fremantle Art Centre (2022) Amesbury focused on the notion of self reconciliation through research into her family history. As one of the first settler families arriving in Quairading in Western Australia they were given land-lots while the First Nations people of the region were persecuted. The project re-examines Amesbury’s own ‘white’ history and her place within it, and focuses on the notion of self reconciliation in relation to politics, racial issues, community attitudes and the laws of the times. Although viewed through a personal lens, it is a national narrative about how ‘individuals’ are directly linked to colonisation and settler history.

Read: aviamesbury.com.au/post/the-self-reconciliation-project-2022

The Black + White Porcelain Tableware range was launched at DESIGN Canberra as part of the festival’s open studios. Amesbury was awarded a Regional Arts Fund grant, an Australian Government initiative supporting sustainable cultural development, to produce the collection.

View: aviamesbury.com.au/black-and-white-tableware